Cleopatra Hotel and Spa

Cleopatra Hotel & Spa has openly started providing its service since 2015 G.C. The hotel is competent with all other hotels in Dire Dawa and it is providing service with maintaining its standard and quality.

Cleopatra Hotel & Spa is a hotel which works with the need and interest of the customer as its aim, and the hotel is with stable silent and reliable peace. It has clean and attractive 22 Bed rooms with 4 types of standards. Surprisingly, all bed rooms are assembled with up to date furniture and electronic equipment's. We have 4 types of beds: -

  • Single standard Rooms

  • Twins /Double Rooms

  • Suite Rooms

  • Family Room

Cleopatra Hotel & Spa has a  restaurant and bar which accommodates more than 250 guests at a time. Also the hotel has different other services as

  • A meeting hall accommodating more than 120 participants,

  • Sufficient and comfortable within Safe guard parking

  • Credit payment is available and Visa card

  • For birth date, weeding, graduation and different event preparations

Our hotel also provides a spa services to our guests including:

  • Steam Bath

  • Foot Massage

  • Morocco Bath

  • Full Body Massage

  • Sauna Bath

In addition to this, Cleopatra Women Beauty Salon is the initial point for the operation of the hotel and it is well known, prestigious and gained great appreciation with great quality satisfying the needs of the customers in our city. Since this women beauty salon is the main source of Cleopatra have to be very proud of it. It will generate Cleopatra Hotel Spa.